Montefiore Orthodox Synagogue
Aish HaTorah/Discovery Seminar
"Why the Jews"

All Jews, at some point in their lives will encounter anti-Seminitism and wonder: Why us? What is it about us that elicits such hate, generation after generation? Are we too rich? Too poor? Too clannish? Too scattered?

On Saturday night, January 27,1996, our community will be treated to a fascinating program called "Why the Jews". This seminar examines the historical roots of anti-Semitism, the underlying reasons behind it, and what we as individuals and as a people can do about it.

"Why the Jews" is a revolutionary seminar that uses the unlikely medium of anti-Semitism to showcase the magnificent contributions the Jewish people have made to civilization. By analyzing and exposing the most popular anti-Semitic justifications, the surprising, inspiring reality behind the hatred is unveiled.

Come find out the shocking explanation for the world's longest hatred. This evening will transform the way you view yourself, your people, and your history.

Tickets are $7 with advance registration and $10 at the door. "Why the Jews?" will be held at the Montefiore Synagogue at 460 Westford Street, in Lowell from 7pm-9:30pm on Saturday, January 27, 1996 . Some of the proceeds will go to benefit the Merrimack Valley Hebrew Academy. Call (508) 458-8797 or email Rabbi Goldberger for further information.

Refreshments will follow the program.

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